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Join date: Nov 21, 2021


i'm a grandmother of six and i can not give them a christmas this year. i'm losing everything i own and our place to live. my section 8 voucher has expired on nov. 15, 2021 , i asked for another extension so we can keep trying to find something, they want pay the landlord because he want fix anything, and i couldn't find a 2bd/2ba place for us. the place where we are living has freeze damages from feb. and the landlord doesn't want to fix anything, and he want us out of his house. but we cann't until we find some where else to go. places won't help because i don't have a income and one of our pets. there's mold in the home, and i'm living in a borrowed rv, and i have asthma, heart problems, and cancer. can not recieve disability keep getting denied. we help a lot of help.

thanks for listening to some of our problems. we have no where to go.

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